Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sneaker inspiration

My inspiration for this
sneaker was chocola


Not so bad

Not so bad.

.....Although, telling the truth might be a way of getting over you. Saying this was pretty much all about you might help me to let go. But if i didn't make my feelings known, then nothing would be different; I'd just be hiding it forever. Telling you might not be too bad, i could get things off my chest. So do i just take that step and scream it at the top of my lungs!? or do shut myself off like all the other times and refuse to let go of any control i had left?? I think that's partly why i hesitated to tell you; having control, knowing that i had the power to just let it out, or play games. I chose to play games for a while, but that didn't last forever. And yes, telling you would mean losing all that power, but..... i took a chance. And it isn't so bad.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

i know now.

I Know Now.

I know now that speaking my heart to you would be pointless. I know now that if i did I'd make myself look foolish. I know now that I'm only a child and friend to u and that you'd never feel about me the way I've felt about u. I know now that we're not meant for each other.
I know now that even if we were, you'd never agree to be with someone like me. I know now that God is preparing someone even greater for me, and he's preparing someone greater for you. I know now that letting go might not be as hard as getting hurt by telling u. And although i want to tell u how i feel so bad, I know now that letting go will probably be the smartest thing i can do in this situation. And as i said earlier, giving up doesnt always mean ur weak, sometimes it means ur strong for letting go.....


Saturday, June 20, 2009

if i spoke

If I Spoke...

If i told u what u really meant to me, how would you respond?? would u laugh in my face and turn me away?? Would you lie just to make me feel better?? would u ignore me?? would u even care?? would u care if i told u u were all i wanted?? would u mind if i said i wanted u all to myself?? would it matter to u that i longed to hear your voice, and that your opinion was one of the few that mattered the most when it came to my life style?? would u care if i said you were one of the greatest people i had ever met?? would it be better if i just said nothing at all?? Because if i didn't say anything at all, nothing would be different. But if i spoke, maybe we'd change... ya know??........


Friday, June 19, 2009

My Heart Says

My heart says.....

All i wanted wen i met u was to b ur grrl. But i never expected u to like me. I never expected anything to happen because of a lot of reasons. i just hoped that we could grow closer as friends; but u wont even give me that. It's like u act like i don't exist, and wen u do actually hear me speak,it seems like u don't always listen. I hate that i don't really interest you. I hate that u let stupid grrlz flirt with u ; i hate that u flirt back. u never wanna talk to me and... I'm starting to lose hope, hope that we could be more than we are, weather it be friends not. I just wanna tell u so much, i want u to hear how i think, see how i act wen I'm not trying to Impress anyone, including u. And i want to know those things about u. Ya see, I'm interested in everything that u have to say, u just don't feel the same way. But i think ur incredible, one of the sweetests guys i've ever met and through my eyes u truly are a trendsetter. I'd never say that to anyone. I don't expect u to think of me differently anytime soon or ever. I just had to get these feelings out because if i didn't, i'd burst. But after a while i figured these feelings cant last forever, they'll b gone soon enough. I have to push past it because giving up doesnt always mean ur weak, sometimes it means ur strong for letting go.....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

i wonder..........

........I wonder, why do people park in the driveway and drive in the parkway....????

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well this is my sneaker. My inspiration for this sneaker was my favorite season, autumn. I based the colors around the colors during autumn.(Obviously. lol)